JUL & AUG 09 "Interesting! ......good work"
-Venugopal Pavadi
- QHSE Manager
- Website: www.weatherford.com
"Very educational and good training.."
-Thomas Chan
- Aspiring Training in Sustainability
- Birkhall Asia
- Website: www.birkhall.asia
"A great evening with two very stimulating sessions..."
- Nishant Kasibhatla,
- CEO / Trainer-Grand Master of Memory
- Memory Vision
- www.memoryvision.com.sg
"Very enriching experience....."
- Saira Sethi
- Counselor / Trainer
- Email: saimes79@gmail.com
"Very interesting and interactive.....
We learn something new........."

- Tommy Koh
- Executive Director
- Vision Century Pte Ltd
- Website: www.orielgroup.com
"Great evening, quality gathering"
- Raman K. Attri
- KLA-Tencor (Singapore) Pte Ltd
- Training Manager
- Email: rkattri@rediffmail.com
"Both sharing sessions are informative"
- Dennis Kwan
- Dennis Kwan Consultancy Services
- Consultant / Coach
- Website: www.dennis-kwan.com
"Kelvin has given me a better idea of how to improve my slides presentation......"
- Herman Yeo
- Director / Trainer
- Omega 21 Realty Pte Ltd / Omega Training Connection
- Website: www.century21.com.sg
"........Great evening.Thank you."
- Paul Campbell
- SEAP Care Training Manager
- NOKIA Pte Ltd
- Website: www.nokia.com
"I am very glad to have attended a meeting, relevant and applicable"
-Tina Safari
- Professional Development Manager
- GIG Education Centre
- Website: www.gig.edu.sg
"A well spent 3 hours here wih tips, jokes and knowledge"
- Lok Kheng Fun
- Development Manager
- GIG Education Centre
- Website: www.gig.edu.sg
"Excellent insight into various aspects of Powerpoint presentation"
- Albert Phua
- Part-time Lecturer / Trainer
- SIMM / Singapore Polytechnic
- Email: albert11@singnet.com.sg
"Another enriching evening......"
- Saira Sethi
- Counselor / Trainer
- Email: saimes79@gmail.com
maY & Jun 09 "Great selection of Speakers"
- Sam Wadia
- Investment Manager
- Email: sam@samwadia.com
"APTS has indeed been an excellent platform of idea exchange"
- Abdul Rahman
- Human and Systems Development Department
- Sanden International (Singapore) Pte Ltd
- Email: Abdul_rahman@sanden.com.sg
"Great speakers, relevant content for trainers!"
- Karen Leong
- Director, The Leadership Company
- Website: www.karenleong.com
"Really professional....."
- Venugopal Pavadi
- QHSE Manager
- Website: www.weatherford.com
"Enjoyed Jerome's presentation.....
Nishant is amazing........."

- Agnes Koh
- Director, Etiquette & Image International
- Website: www.etiquetteimageint.com
"APTS monthly meeting really lived up to its values..."
- Andy Ng
- Founder of www.asiatrainers.com
- Master Coach & Trainer
- Website: www.asiatrainers.com
mar & apr 09 "Birds of a Feather Do Flock Together"
- Santhanaram Jayaram
- Actor, Trainer and Speaker
- Website: www.motivatewithpower.blogspot.com
"It certainly worth my time to join up with this committed group of participants......"
-Sean Chua
- Master Trainer & Founder
- SimpleChemConcepts
- Website: www.simplechemconcepts.com
"Very interesting......."
- Graeme Lacey
- General Manager
- Ferriby Group
- Website: www.ferribygroup.com
"This is a wondeful platform for networking and to learn............"
- Ruth Wong
- Freelance Writer
"Thanks for the Jack lope video"
- Paul Campbell
- SEAP Care Training Manager
- NOKIA Pte Ltd
- Website: www.nokia.com

"It was an excellent evening spent with some great learning........................"
- Nishant Kasibhatla,
- CEO / Trainer-Grand Master of Memory
- Memory Vision
- www.memoryvision.com.sg

"I found the programs informative and entertaining..."
- Fazil Musa
- Lead Facilitator
- Website: www.successdialogues.com

"I was excited being in the APTS Meeting..............."
-Mohamad Imram
- Trainer
- Website: www.successdialogues.com

Feb 09

"Great experiences......good tips to take back..."
- Evelyn Ch'ng
- Image Trainer
- Emage Style Consultancy
- Website: www.emagestyle.com
"Excellence presentation by both speakers"
- Lester Wong
- Assistant Logistics Manager
- Jason Electronics Pte Ltd
- Website: www.jason.com.sg

"Paul Campbell & Deborah Torres Patel made very beneficial presentations"
- Graeme Lacey
- General Manager
- Ferriby Group
- Website: www.ferribygoup.com

"APT Singapore is of a standard equivalent to some of the best meetings and workshops I had participated"
- Sam Ng
- Project HSE Manager
- Saipem S.p.A
- Website: www.saipem.eni.it/

"Both events organized by APTS are really worth for the Time and Money spent"
- Venigopal Pavadai
- QHSE Manager
- Weatherford Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
- Website: www.weatherford.com

dec 08- jAN 09

"Exclusive yet Accessible!!!"
- Urvashi Dhar
- Managing Director
- The Lausanne Group
- Website: www.thelausannegroup.com

"It was a wonderful event.....Overall, a fantastic event"
- Cayden Chang, NLP Trainer
- Director & Founder
- Website: www.mindkinesis.com

"....was delightful, with presentation of talents......."
- Dr. Muku Nair
- President, Rotary Club of Serangoon Gardens Orchard
- Website: www.healthscreening@doctor.com

"APTS Singapore is of a standard equivalent to some of the best meetings and workshops I had participated."
- Sam Ng Tee Meng
- Project HSE Manager,
- Saipem S.p.A
- Website: www.saipem.eni.it/

"......I have learned in a very short time quite few new things................."
- Capt. Tom GOLOB
- Standard & Faiwind's Limited, Hong Kong
- Marine Consulting, Beijing Representative Office

"A wonderful evening full of fun, entertainment and GREAT learning experience......"
- Hamsa Ramli
- Deputy Head, School of Air Traffic Services
- Singapore Aviation Academy

SEP - oCT - nOV 08


"Last night's meeting is definitely one of the best meetings which I have ever attended...... Best of all, with all its privileges membership fees are inexpensive. Wish I had joined much earlier......"
- Dr. Rita Goh
- Principal Consultant
- Aspiron Services
- Website: www.ritagoh.com

"The presenters are very good and well versed in their content knowledge. Will definitely join this Association."
- Raymond Tan, Principal Consultant
- Website: www.linecrossers.orgt

"Refreshing, out of the box ideas......."
- Lim Teck Wee, Business Manager
- Website: www.purpleclick.com

"The monthly meeting of APTS in November was truly a most rewarding time spent in the company of likeminded trainers."
- T. Vijaykumar
- Chief Training Officer

"..a great opportunity to network with fellow industry members."
- Pamela Seagal
- Principal Trainer
- Website: www.seagaleducation.com

JUL & AUG 08

"The programs are very interesting and a good learning experience. The knowledge gained were great"
- Ariel Lim
- Office Administrator
- Email: aplim@rabbit@yahoo.com

"APTS is a small but dynamic group of professional trainers."
- Graeme Lacey, General Manager
- Email : graeme@aagc.net

"A great speaker and engaging trainer."
- Sarbene bin Jantan, Freelance Trainer
- Email : sarbene@gmail.com

"Useful and interesting"
-Shalu Wasu
- Director
- Email: shalu@pswasu.com

MAY & JUN 08

"The talk is humorous, useful and effective. It is worth the money, time and effort to come for the talk"
- Sarbene bin Jantan, Education Officer
- Email: sarbene@gmail.com

"Interesting and a good platform to share ideas"
- Maushmi S Borrah
- Human Resource, Learning & Development
- Email: maushmisborrah@gmail.com

"The session was really useful and I had a great time."
- Sahlu Wasu, Director
- Email : shalu@pswasu.com

"Very enriching for both memory presentation and trainers’ tips."
- Herman Yeo, Realtor / Trainer
- Email : yeokee@singnet.com.sg

"Just to say that I enjoyed the session and would like to be a member of APTS soon"
- Maushmi S Borrah
- Human Resource, Learning & Development
- Email: maushmisborrah@gmail.com

mar & apr 08

"As always, APTS Meetings are wonderful & professionally conducted."
- Nishant Kasibhatla, CEO / Trainer, Memory Vision
- www.memoryvision.com.sg

"Impressed with the varied mix of trainers & professionals who generously shared their experiences, knowledge and contacts."
- Alex Chua, Clarity Coach
- www.YourSPARKS.com

"APTS is an excellent platform for would-be trainers."
- Sheeba P. Das, Trainer

"Speakers was passionate about his topic & came across very effectively."
- Betty Vong, Wellness Consultant
- www.nikken.com.sg/betty

"Excellence avenue to contribute and grow."
- Santhanaram Jayaram,  Master, IFA Rep.
- www.maa.com.sg

feb 08

"Each session is unique and valuable in imparting knowledge & application knowhow."
- Lim Siew Kee, Insurance Advisor, NTUC Income

"Interesting topics and interesting people – make me want to come back."
- Casipit Noel Lopez, Lighting Designer
- www.erco.com

"Very informative & useful information for business."
- Danny Ng, Business Coach

"Good learning, good network, good environmenet and good ideas."
- Nishant Kasibhatla, CEO / Trainer, Memory Vision
- www.memoryvision.com.sg

"Thank you for a wonderful evening of instruction from practical to mysterious."
- Paul Campbell, SEAP Care Training Manager, Nokia Pte Ltd
- www.nokia.com

dec 07

"APTS events are very professionally run."
- Alex Ee, Alex Ee Photography, Alex Ee Productions.

"Delighted to see the passion and teamwork that went into the meeting I attended in December."
- David Lim, Asia's Resilience Coach / ** EVEREST MOTIVATION TEAM

"I do seriously intend to sign up and am even considering giving a pep talk"
- Ken Sunn, CEO, Ace Acres Pte Ltd

"The atmosphere was friendly and supportive and really ideal for sharing and networking among like minded people"
- Henry Tio Kheh Beng, Trainer - Facilitator - Coach

nov 07

"I enjoyed the speakers and found their presentations interesting and informative."
- David Goldwich, Director, GOLD STAR Training & Consultancy

oct 07

"I was grateful for the warmth and welcome I received from the members of APTS "
- Meus Kaveny, Business English & Communications Trainer

sep 07

"APTS is an excellent medium for Trainers"
- Ruben S. Potter, President/CEO, WINGSTAR CORPORATION